8 thoughts on “Punishments

  1. If the punishments were still around the population would be dropped in minutes because so meany people do little things rong that is not worth
    By Callum

  2. my characters name is Thaddeus that name is a boy. he will be stealing,insulting and staring at people,patting animals that dont belong to him, and all the time and getting away with it but not now pickpoketing for his punnishment he will get 700 lashes because he done multiple things and they were really bad back then. he also done it with is friend who is a girl they are both orphans her name is Cerirlia.

  3. The punshments are not the same they are much harder and to avoied as well you might get killed or you might have been scared for life.You might even get shipped to another country.
    By Naveen

  4. If the punnishments where he today people will be nice to people because people dont want to be wimped or killed.

  5. It would be horrible to have the rules that were around in the 18 century now because most of us would be dead.

  6. It will be horrible if the rules from the 18th century were around because lots of people would be dead.
    The populations will go down because of so many deaths
    Tay wrote this!

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